Clandestino, tácito y migratorio


by Carlos Vázquez Cruz

Defining the Minstrelsy

Genre, Authorship, and Fluidity in Walter Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border

by Anne Fertig

The Editorial Mythopoeia of Sir Francis Bacon

William Rawley, New Atlantis, and Restoring Unperfection

by Mary Learner and Morgan Souza

Tracing the 'Evolution of a Race Riot'

by Trisha Remetir

A Proliferation of Monsters

Tracing the Production of Frankenstein

by Liz Shand

Modernist Magazines and the Case for Accessibility

The Dial (1920-1929) and its Reprints

by Laura Sonderman

The 'Hoccleve' Portrait of Chaucer in Print

or, Short-Circuiting Chaucerian Authority

by Vaughn Stewart